The deadline for submissions has passed.

How to submit a workshop/activity to the antinuclear WSF 2017?

This forum aims at covering all aspects of the fight against nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. Hence, we propose to address in particular, but not exclusively, the following topics:

  • The fight against nuclear energy: motivations, objectives, means, specificities, from “why” to “how”, mobilization strategies…
  • The role and the place of the different actors of ending nuclear power and of its development: citizens, nuclear workers, intermediary bodies (unions, doctors, lawyers, journalists), politicians, soldiers, industrialists, economic players, lobbies…
  • Ending nuclear power and abolition of nuclear weapons: scenarios, strategies, transitions, social support, examples …
  • Societal impact of civil and military nuclear sectors, its health and social implications, people affected
  • Other aspects of the fight against nuclear

Any organization (group, association, union…) can propose different types of workshop/meeting (participatory workshop, training workshop, sharing of experiences meeting, international networking meeting, round table, cultural activity…). This call is open to any form of contribution, to any opinion, provided that it is antinuclear.

The workshop and meeting sessions can be organized in the following time slots:
9:30 – 12:00 (am) (Friday and Saturday)
1:30 – 4:00 (pm) (Thursday and Friday)
4:30 – 7:00 (pm) (Thursday)

Important dates:
15 April: first call for proposal
31 August: closing date of the call

Practical details:

The WSF organizers provide the rooms and video-projection equipment. Any additional need should be provided by the organization that submit the proposal.

All presenters of the activity/workshop have to register (see the tab “registration”).

Financial participation: 50€ to be paid at the same time as you submit your proposal. For non-French participants the only possible method of payment is the bank transfer (see payment information in the proposal form below).

To submit your proposal, download the form: Proposal-Form
Send the completed from to: