The final version of the programme will shortly be available on this website.

Plenary Sessions:

The forum will start with a plenary session in the morning of Thursday, 2 November, featuring a contribution by Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan during the Fukushima catastrophe and today holds an anti-nuclear position.

During the second plenary, on Friday at 4:30pm, the forum will offer the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of nuclear energy workers, with nuclear energy workers from France, former liquidators of Chernobyl and Fukushima, workers from the uranium mines in Nigeria, victims of nuclear catastrophes, participants in anti-nuclear struggles in India, Turkey, Russia and Latin America.

The closing plenary will take place Saturday afternoon, with Bertrand Meheust concluding with the relations of science, nuclear energy and society, and with a special agenda item on the creation of an international anti-nuclear network with participants from Europe (Germany, the UK, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, including French Polynesia, Russia, Switzerland), Asia (Japan, India, Turkey), North America (USA), and South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil), and Australia.


There will be over 30 workshops, with the main themes including:

1. The state of nuclear energy in the world (framed in terms of treaties, EPR reactors, etc.)

2. The exploitation of nature and human beings (questions of production and work, extractivism, nuclear energy and the climate, etc.)

3. The question of stopping nuclear power

4. The legacy of nuclear power, unsolvable questions: dismantling and waste.

5. Living with nuclear power?

6. How to create a global anti-nuclear network?

Several workshops will also show films or segments of films.

Other events:

• A media-action is being prepared and will be proposed.

• A bus trip on Sunday, 5 November, to Bure, reception and visit of the site with opponents of the monstrous “CIGEO” project of a nuclear garbage dump 500m underground.

• Festive evening on Friday.