Events of summer 2017

  • 15 June – 7 July: Nuclear weapon ban treaty negotiations, UN, New-York: Information

Following the negotiations, a treaty text has been adopted by 122 states on July 7, 2017: treaty text

This text will be open for ratification on September 20, 2017, and the treaty will enter into force if is signed by at least 50 states.

  • 25 June: Chain Reaction Tihange, Belgium: Information
  • 12-18 July: International Week against nuclear weapons in Büchel, Germany: Information
  • 17-23 July: Antinuclear Summer Camp in Döbeln, Germany: Invitation ; Information
  • 7-16 August: Antinuclear Summer Camp in Gedelitz, Germany: Information
  • 11-13 August: Les Bure’lesques, Festival close to Bure, France: Information
  • 23-27 August : European Summer University for Social Movements, Informations, Toulouse, France :  2 000 people attended discussions, workshops and plenaries during those four days. One of the workshops focused on the future of the World Social Forum and was organised by Hugo Braun (Attac Germany), with presentations by Damien Hazard (Vida Brasil) and Geneviève Azam (scientific advisor of Attac France). Jacqueline Balvet, a member of our organizing committee, presented the upcoming Antinuclear World Social Forum (November 2017).
  • 14-17 September : Human Rights, Future Generations and Crimes in the Nuclear Age, Basel, Switzerland : Informations

International information and antinuclear networking