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Thursday, 2 November

Registration and welcome at 29 boulevard du Temple starting at 9am.

[Note: Films are in French or subtitled in French; unfortunately, we cannot provide a translation of the films.]

9:45am-noon Opening Plenary

Chico Whitaker, founding member of the World Social Forum – History of the World Social Forum
Naoto Kan, former prime minister (video) – Message to the anti-nuclear World Social Forum : why I have become opposed to nuclear power
Dr. Hisako Sakiyama, member of the parliamentary commission The situation in Fukushima
Nuclear power in France
Nuclear arms in France


SDN 19: Activity about nuclear power on Place de la République

2pm4:15pm Workshops

Abolition des armes nucléaires /Atomwaffenfrei/Trident Ploughshares/IPPNW-France – Political Cameras: La bombe et nous(Xavier Marie-Bonnot 2017, 80′, French) followed by a debate on nuclear arms (first part) [Translation English-French]

CCOA, Décroissance Idf and ADN73 – The immediate stop of nuclear energy production is necessary AND possible!

CRIIRAD – Radioactive contamination and the nuclear industry: strengthening the measuring capacities of NGOs

Echo-Echanges – Ethos in Fukushima, a strategy of ignorance and the stranglehold of the international nuclear lobby [Translation English-French]

Global Chance – Nuclear power globally and its cost [Translation English-French]

Observatoire des armements – What can be done for the victims of nuclear testing?

4:45pm7pm Workshops

Abolition des armes nucleéaires /Atomwaffenfrei/Trident Ploughshares/IPPNW-France – Civil disobedience in Europe against nuclear arms. (second part) [Interprètation français-anglais] [Translation English-French]

ADN Lot and DiaNuke India: Expanding Nuclear Power, Shrinking Democratic Spaces; Political Cameras: “Jaitapur Live” (Pradeep Indulkar, 2013, 33′, original version with French subtitles, in the presence of the director and the translator into French, André Larrivière) [Translation English-French]

ANAWA and CMU – The impact of uranium mines; Political Cameras: Uranium (Magnus Isacsson, 1990, 48′, dubbed in French) [Translation English-French]

Attac – Nuclear power and finance: the power of lobbies against democracy.

CAN-Ouest, CRILAN; Stop Hinkley; Women Against Nuclear Power – Finland and Beyond nuclear – The disaster of EPR [Translation English-French]

SDNNuclear Energy Workers in France; Political Cameras: “Condamnés  à réussir (François Jacquemain, 1976, 60′, French, in the presence of the director)

LACSE (first part) – drama workshop to prepare the theatre-action on Saturday, 4 November

7:15pm Special Screening

Days After by Futoshi SATO (2016, 132, French subtitles); first public screening in France, in the presence of the producer Tamiyoshi Tachibana. Bourse du Travail, 29, boulevard du Temple , 75011 Paris.

Friday, 3 November

9:45amnoon Workshops

ACDN, Mouvement Utopia and SDN Suisse romande – Which strategy to end civilian and military nuclear power? [Translation English-French]

Agir pour la paix-Belgique and ICAN – Nuclear Arms

CHANG – The plutonium sector and the proposed construction of a fast neutron reactor, Astrid, at Marcoule. 

MIA and Nuclear Heritage Network – Towards a European Antinuclear Movement [Translation English-French]

SDN Loire et Vienne and CRIIRARD – The Challenges of Water Management in the Nuclear Energy Sector. The River Basin, a Battlefield?

Yosomono-net – FUKUSHIMA 2011-2017: the situation : The increase in cases of thyroid cancer after the Fukushima accident


SDN 19: Activity about nuclear power on Place de la République

2pm4:15pm Workshops

Fin du nucléaire Belgique, l’Assemblée des Citoyens du Monde et la Ligue Internationale des Femmes pour la Paix et la Liberté – Liberating the UN from Nuclear Power [link for additional information:]; Political Cameras: Controverses Nucléaires “(Wladimir Tchertko, 2003, 50’, French subtitles, extracts)

CCOA and Décroissance IdF with (to be confirmed) MIA, Nuclear Heritage Network and PLAGE – The antinuclear movements, critical assessment and opportunities created by the crisis of the nuclear industry. [Translation English-French]

CRIIRAD, Global Chance and RSDN – The decommissioning of nuclear power plants

FNE and Nuclear Heritage Network – Radioactive Waste [Translation English-French]

RSDN and IndependentWHO – Nuclear power and health. From the invisibility of radiation-exposed workers to the myth of practically harmless radioactivity.

Russian Social-Ecological Union, Radwaste ProgramRosatom: the situation of nuclear power in Russia and the export activities of the Russian nuclear power sector. [Translation English-French]

LACSE (second part) choir workshop to prepare the theatre-action on Saturday, 4 November

4:45pm7pm Plenary of testimonies

Sonali Huria (India)

Nadezda Kutepova (Russia)

Minoru IKEDA (Japan)

Oleg Veklenko (Ukraine)

Pinar Demircan (Turkey)

Philippe Billard (France)

Leona Morgan (Navajo, USA)

Almoustapha Alhacen (Niger)

4:45pm7:30pm Political Cameras

Documentary “The Town of Iidate. Radiation and the Return Home” by DOI Toshikuni (2013, 119 min, French subtitles), debate facilitated by Kolin Kobayashi, Echo-Echanges; Salle municipale Jean Dame, 17 rue Léopold Bellan, 75002, métro stop: Bourse.

8pm Festive Evening

Organic restaurant “Grand Bréguet“, 17, rue Bréguet, 75011 Paris [meal 10-15€]

Saturday, 4 November

9:45amnoon Workshops

ADN, NAH-HAGUE and Réactions en Chaîne Humaine – Which actions to stop nuclear power?

Attac – Abandoning nuclear power and responding to the climate challenge [Translation English-French]

ETB – Reflections on the disaster of Mayak and the activities of Belrad amongst children affected by Chernobyl.

FUNAM and RLC – Strategies for a North-South antinuclear struggle

RSDN and NTEWJ – Abandoning nuclear power; an opportunity for workers and jobs!

IPPNW Suisse and CIDCE – The effects of ionising radiation on health and human rights [Translation English-French]

RSDN – Bure-The nuclear battle: book presentation [Translation English-French]

10am-1pm LACSE (third part) – workshop to prepare the theatre-action


SDN 19: Activity about nuclear power on Place de la République

1pm LACSE : Theatre-action on Place de la République

2pm4:15pm Closing Plenary

Bertrand Méheust, philosopher/sociologist – Science, society and nuclear power
Summary of the debates
On the creation of an international network
Follow-up to the Antinuclear Social Forum.

Sunday, 5 November

Trip to Bure

Departure (coach) 7am, in front of the Crowne Plaza hotel, 10 Place de la République, 75011 Paris
Return 9pm

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